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Magle's Smiley Inn B&B Hotel

Magle's Smiley Inn
Magle Stora Kyrkogata 8
223 50 Lund
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Phone: +46705761133

About Us


Interesting Facts About the House
The district of Maria Magle has been largely unchanged over the centuries and the streets that limit the neighbourhood have all medieval origins. Magle Stora Kyrkogata probably belongs to the oldest street network and, at the time, served as an exit way to the east.
Culturally Historical Building of Interest
The building in which Magle’s Smiley Inn is located consists of a townhouse (gatuhus) along Magle Stora Kyrkogata and a courtyard wing at the back facing a garden/courtyard.
The townhouse was built 1874 and has 1,5 floors. It serves as a residential building combined with the Bed&Breakfast activity.
The courtyard wing was built 1922 and has one floor which serves as a family home.
The townhouse constitutes a culturally historical important building and the courtyard wing makes for a culturally historical environment. Even the street environment has a culturally historical value. Both buildings are protected from demolition.
The facade towards the street is dressed in yellow brick, the corners and around the windows in red brick. The roof is a pitched roof clad in green plate. The windows are green and the main entrance door is a semi-French double door. The back of the building, facing the backyard/garden, is painted yellow. In the corner there is a terrace with a white wooden trestle fence. The balcony on the first floor has been made in a similar way.
The loft was furnished in 1908 and two dormer windows were added towards the backyard/garden, similar to the existing ones towards the street.
In 1947, the house was renovated in accordance to the drawings of the architect Hans Westman. Both the terrace and the balcony originate from this year. The windows are double glazed with white mullions.
The Courtyard Wing
Built in 1874, then served as an outhouse, was refurbished in 1922. This wing has a plastered facade, painted yellow. The windows are double glazed with white mullions. A large rectangular window with mullions in a diagonal pattern was put in during the renovation 1947. All windows have white frames but a green outer frame.

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+46 705 76 11 33
Second contact: Stefan
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